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Thomson Remodeling Slate Maintenance Program

Designed for Owners of Old Slate Roofs. 
Each year, the effects of Fall, Winter and Summer storms can damage your slate roof. Protect your investment by signing on to our annual Slate Maintenance Program. Each year, we will come and automatically replace a certain quantity of slate and inspect the flashing and gutters. At your option, we can also clean the gutters. If you sign up, we will replace one additional slate at no charge per five slate. Minimum of ten slate per year. Additional slate does not apply to roof replacements. We will replace those slate which are in the worst condition.  If you have a Bangor or Pennsylvania roof, chances are you'll need at least the minimum. Starting at $470 per year. 


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Buying and Maintaining a Home with a Slate Roof

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A slate roof is a valuable asset. Homes with slate roofs are generally worth more than homes without. Making sure a slate roof is an asset and not a liability is important, but there are a couple of myths about older slate roofs.  The first myth is that slate roofs last forever and the second (and diametrically opposite) myth is that old Pennsylvania or Bangor slate roofs should be replaced. There are old slate roofs out there that are well passed the time of needing to be replaced. There are also slate roofs out there that have been around for several hundred years.

There are several key factors in helping a slate roof last a long time. Of course, the first factor is to not invite a shingle roof specialist to inspect or work on your slate roof! Promptly repair storm damage. A month or two is okay, but leaving storm damage unrepaired or not inspected can lead to bigger problems. Replace badly deteriorated or missing slate. Inspect flashings including valleys, chimney flashing, shed flashing and any areas that maybe prone to problems. Also , inspect chimneys and gutters. Perhaps these are obvious or maybe home owners are afraid to hear bad news that the roof needs to be replaced; understandable. But maybe the life of the roof can be extended through proper maintenance. 

Old slate roofSign-up for our Slate Maintenance Program and have piece of mind that your valuable slate roof is being inspected and repaired annually. We will come out each year, inspect the slate, flashings and gutters, replace slate and let you know of any problems we may find.

A roof like this could be made to last for years with proper maintenance. Replace broken or missing slate, recement the ridges, inspect the valleys. These are all good practices that should be done on an annual basis.