Downspout Cleanouts

Let’s face it, downspouts can easily get clogged. Downspouts that drain into underground drainage systems are prone to clogging. As debris builds up in the downspout, the result is often water percolating out of the top of the downspout during heavy rains and more often, water pouring over the edge of the gutter. Eventually, the back seam in the downspout will split, often if water freezes in the downspout, resulting in a ruined, expensive section of copper. The only way to effectively clean a downspout that drains into an underground system or terra cotta pipe, is to remove the downspout. This is especially cumbersome if the downspout joints are soldered.

Downspout draining into underground system

Naturally, there’s a solution to every problem, even one’s you didn’t know existed. A downspout clean out can be added to existing downspouts, or during new installations and replacements. These prefabricated clean outs have a trap door that opens for access, and eliminates the need to remove and reinstall the downspout. They are available in square or round and 3″ and 4″ and can be retrofit to existing installations.

Downspout Cleanout
Downspout cleanout in copper

The cleanout will also allow the underground pipes to be snaked out. More often, clogged underground drains can be snaked out by a drain cleaning service.