Slate Roof Repair

We specialize in slate repair and maintenance to older homes in Maryland. Many companies that come across an old slate roof will try to sell you a new roof just because the slate is old. Give us a call and we can evaluate your slate and help you determine whether the roof should be repaired or replaced.

There is an old truth in roofing and that is, “the last guy on the roof gets blamed for all of the “ills” and poor workmanship.” Generally, homeowners have no idea what repairs were done¬†thirty feet off the ground, not to mention how the work should “technically” be done. Broken slate should be replaced with the best possible equal or better match. Broken slate should never be “glued” back together.¬†Our pledge to homeowners is that we will always perform our work with pride in a workmanlike manner. We never use substandard materials, nor would we ever face nail or glue slate to the roof. Unless we cannot nail a slate to the roof, we will use hooks. We will treat your house as if it were our own.

When you call for an inspection, don’t expect us to get up and traipse around your fragile slate roof. I have been on countless estimates where I’ve seen other companies walking all over slate roofs that should never be walked on (unless its an experienced slater who know what they are doing). I’ve even seen a few do inspections wearing heavy construction boots (on slate roofs), lightweight roofer’s boot or tennis shoes are okay. With a little common sense and experience most problems can be diagnosed without walking on the roof. So, that’s our pledge to homeowners. We’ll use a common sense approach to diagnosing problems, and perform the work with pride in a workmanlike manner. 

We use slate hooks!

slate hook
slate hook

What is a slate hook? A slate hook is a simple device used to fasten newly installed slate to roof during a slate repair without damaging the surrounding slate.