Buy Maryland

Buy Maryland!

Buy Maryland

Buy local. Buy legal. Support Maryland jobs by keeping your hard earned money here in Maryland by highering companies registered in the state of Maryland. By spending your money with legally operating companies, your money goes towards Maryland taxes, Maryland schools, Maryland roads and most importantly, Maryland jobs. Remember, in the state of Maryland, all home improvement companies must be licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. Be careful, just because some displays a license number, doesn’t mean it is active. Check here. Also, keep in mind: hiring unlicensed contractors supports a vast alternative “informal” economy that avoids local, state and federal taxes. Furthermore, unlicensed contractors often operate on a cash basis avoiding payroll taxes, unemployment insurance and worker’s comp. If an unlicensed worker, or one of their employees who is operating without workers comp, gets hurt on your project, you can be sued. Support our state’s economy, buy local, buy legal!

Your contractor should display his/her license on all work trucks and advertisements, for example:

MHIC 18421

Maryland contractors do not have to be bonded, but Maryland contractors must carry general liability insurance, worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance. 

Maryland has a great tradition of craftsmanship, tradesmen, artists and artisans. Support your neighbor’s and buy Maryland!